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Service Options

We offer customised services, depending on what you have already done as Executor, or are comfortable to do yourself. Please discuss with us what services you specifically require and we will gladly provide a tailored package. The below sets out the differing options.

Standard Option: R 18,500-00 for Do it yourself Executors, with periodic reviews by our specialists. Suitable for simple estates with a will, with some financial or legal complexity and where the Executor is prepared to manage all administration including attending at the Masters Offices: We provide you with access to our website which has a fully detailed process, designed for first time Executors, with all the guidance, templates and FAQ’s you will require to execute on the Estate. At the start, we will review the Will and provide guidance on the best approach to minimise cost and time. Then as Executor, you will complete and submit all documentation, and perform all administration related to the Estate, and during this process we have specialists available to answer any questions and review the documentation you have completed to ensure you are not rejected at the Masters Office for technical reasons. Our service will lead you through the entire process while monitoring your progress to provide you the best possible experience. It should be noted that this service requires the Executor to perform all administration, including advertising, SARS Estate Duty tax completion, and attendance at the Master of the High Court for documentation submissions. 

Executive Option:  R 26,500-00 for estates up to R4m gross assets. DEA perform all Executor administration, including structuring, assessment, documentation, and Master engagements. Recommended for Intestate [no Will] estates, or for complex high value estates, with legal or financial complexity:  As with the Standard option, you receive access to our detailed process portal, plus access to the specialists. We also complete all required documentation and perform all administrative tasks for you, including the actioning of the two sets of advertising.  We also lodge and retrieve all documentation with the Master, and engage with the Master on your behalf to resolve queries and issues to ensure speedy conclusion of the Estate, which will save you days of frustration at the Masters office. (Note that where an Estate is a technically complex Estate, we may quote an additional specialist fee). There is also the option to utilise the discounted conveyancing option as described below. The Executive option does not cover the following which are the responsibility of the Executor:

  • Lodgment of the L&D with a local magistrate, and obtaining of the Magistrates certificate (we can quote dependent on the location of the Magistrates office). 
  • Obtaining duplicate copies of ante-nuptial contracts, title deeds or similar from the Deeds office or Divorce certificates, ID’s or similar from Home Affairs
  • Historic SARS submissions / documentation not related to the Estate
  •  High Court applications, such as Will validation, beneficiary disputes or similar
  • Where a 3rd party Conveyancer is utilised, the cost of obtaining endorsements from the Master

Executor Plus Option: 2,5% (negotiable) of gross assets for estates from R4m-R10m, or for estates under R4m where the Executor requires additional support with the execution of Executor specific duties. With this option DEA additionally manage all the administration associated with specific Executor tasks, such as engaging banks / insurers, opening bank accounts, arranging property sale, asset valuations, SARS engagement in relation to the Estate. The actual percentage fee is negotiable depending on the Estate complexity.

Custom Option. If you are advanced with the Estate, and merely require specific assistance, we can provide once-off consultations and support, such as drafting of L&D accounts.

Note that all 3rd party costs associated with finalising an Estate (Advertising costs, Masters Fees, taxes etc), remain the responsibility of the Executor. These packages are limited to Estates with a gross asset value under R10 million.

We have representatives in Gauteng, North West and Western Cape; please register with us through our website (contact form) or e-mail / call for more information.

Should You Register An Estate?

Determine if you need to lodge an Estate with the Master of the High Court. If uncertain, please contact us.

How does this service work?

We work with you to have you appointed Executor, and support you through the Executor duties with specialist advice. Please see our FAQs and Services and Options for more details.

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