Peter Veal

Just before a friend of mine died, he asked me if I would act as Executor of his Estate. As a close friend I naturally agreed, even though I had no knowledge of what was involved.

Then it happened. I was suddenly in control of his assets and liabilities with the added responsibility of protecting the interests of his dependents at a particularly traumatic time. It was clear that I had to get this Estate wound up as soon as possible, but I had no idea how to start.

I contacted Deceased Estates and from the moment I spoke to them it was like a whole world had been lifted from my shoulders. They took away all my pain by explaining exactly what I had to do, they even completed my application to the Master, which I signed.

Within days of my application, my appointment was approved, and it was plain sailing from that moment. My dozens of questions were quickly answered and I was able to keep my friend’s dependents completely up to date with developments. Deceased Estates even arranged all the advertising requirements.

I cannot be more indebted to Deceased Estates, and if any person finds themselves in the same position as me, Deceased Estates is the answer.